Thursday, November 8, 2012

Crocodile Smile

This summer I started with my obsession with re-finishing furniture and there are certain pieces that catch my attention as soon as I see them and I know that I have to have that piece and I can visualize just what I want as soon as I see the piece.  I was buying furniture off a father/son team on facebook that buy used furniture and then sell it on is genius and they are making a ton of money doing it!  Great idea being the middle man and making money that way :)

Back to my table....

The father/son duo know what my style is and every time they get a piece they think I will like, they give me first dibs on that piece.  I went to look at a little side table and walked away with this baby right here...

I knew this table would be perfect to use as a TV table for my boy's room.  I was trying to figure out exactly how I wanted to refinish this table, I knew I wanted to paint it green.  The exact name of the color is, Crocodile cute is that!!  I started off by sanding the table down, the stain that was on the table was old and kinda nasty but it actually turned out to be a good thing at the end.  Next I painted the table in Crocodile Smile and let the paint dry.  As soon as it dried, I started sanding away.  This is my favorite part.

I couldn't stop sanding once I started, it was so much fun and the table kept getting better and better with each stroke of the sand paper.  

The color also became better and better with each stroke.  I was falling for this table and I was falling hard....I couldn't stop smiling!

I decided to use the original hardware, it made the table look that much better.  


The top of the table looks so good and I love the way the stain under the paint comes out even after I sanded the table endlessly.  It looks perfect just the way it turned out and I love it.  The boys were really excited when they saw the table that I refinished for them and they couldn't wait to put it in their new room in Apt 201.  The lighting in here is horrible right now because it has been so gray and blah out the last few days so I can't get a good enough picture of the table in use but I will continue to try so I can show you guys how good it looks in the boy's room.

What do you think of the color?  Would you have done this differently, if so, how?