Wednesday, February 6, 2013

TV Stand Dresser

A few years ago....five years to be exact, my ex-husband and I bought a used bedroom set.  I liked the set but knew from the start that I wanted to change it somehow, but at that time I didn't know what I was doing in regards to furniture.  

The bedroom set included a queen size bed, small three drawer dresser, and a large seven drawer dresser.  The curves and details were fabulous and I loved everything about the set....except the color.

It took me almost five years to do something about it but in the last few months I have changed everything there is about this bedroom set.  The big dresser is what I am going to concentrate on today because I separated it from the bedroom set and now use it in the living room as a TV Stand Dresser.  I love the storage in it and love the finished look!!!  

I didn't take any before pictures and I apologize for that but after I started the work on the dresser I realized what I did and took some pictures.

Here is a picture of the drawers after I sanded them all down....I thought this part of the project took the longest (that was before I started sanding the dresser itself down ugh).

Here is another picture of the drawers as well as a night stand and little table that I sanded down all the same day.

Okay, one more picture of all the sanded down stuff....did I mention that I felt like this project took forever!?!?!

Here are the drawers drying in the sun after painting them white (it was almost 100 degrees out when I was doing this dresser).

A picture of the dresser when I realized I had forgotten to take a picture before starting the sanding part of the project.

This dresser had definitely seen better days!!  It had moved from one country to another and been moved from state to state a few times.

Lots of dings and scratches....builds character :)

Ouch....did I mention how the scratches build character lol

Here is a picture of the dresser painted white before I made it mine (I had started sanding the drawers when I realized I forgot to take a picture of the dresser after it was painted white).

Some of the details of the dresser....LOVE this detail!!!

Two drawers more to go!!

Another picture of the details on this beautiful dresser.

Here is the finished product....swoon!!!

I LOVE the way this dresser turned out and couldn't have hoped for anything better.

Some of the details on the the different colors on here!

Hello pretty knob!!!

Have I mentioned that this is my favorite detail on the dresser?  See how great it looks sanded and distressed!!

The finished product!!!  I am in love with my new TV Stand Dresser and all those drawers come in great handy when it comes to the boys' school stuff and craft supplies.  I also put my movies in there and my dog clothes have a drawer of their own.

How do you like the finished product??


Edda Soffía said...

Þetta er alveg frábært hjá þér Helga mín. Ég er svo stolt af þér, þú ert svo dugleg. ❤❤❤

Handmade and off-centered said...

LOVE IT! I have told you this more than once "I want your furniture!"

Keep on with all these pictures, love them :)

ketz said...

Such a beautiful TV stand. How I wish I have that. My husband will be very happy to use his carpentry skill to give that for me. Thank you for showing it to us.

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Anonymous said...

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