Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Baked Tacos

This morning I was scrolling through facebook reading status's from friends and family when all of a sudden this delicious looking taco meal slaps me in the face and makes my stomach growl like I hadn't eaten in a year.  This taco meal looked so good that I jumped out of bed and hurried to get ready so I could go to the grocery store and get all of the ingredients necessary to make this dish.

Since I have three boys, two of whom are teenagers, we eat A LOT and I always have to double every recipe. This recipe though, does not need to be doubled.  I didn't know this when starting so I doubled it and let me tell you, there is enough food here to feed an army.....or at least a few families.

Here is a list of what you need to make a single recipe of this scrumptious meal.

One can of refried beans...I bought refried black beans because I love black beans so much 

One can of tomato sauce

1lb of ground meat....I eat ground turkey

1 package of small flour tortillas 

1 package shredded cheese (I buy the Mexican blend)

In the picture above, you see that I bought double of everything and there is no meat in the picture because I had already started frying the meat on my pan and I forgot to put the shredded cheese in the picture.

Here is the mush in the pan.  Doesn't look all that good but it tasted great!!!

I have no clue how to rotate this picture lol

This is how I put the meat into the tortillas and got them to stand up in the casserole dish.

I was able to get eight across and then four on the side.

Then I ended up by putting some shredded cheese on top.

I was able to make 35 tacos by doubling this recipe, that's enough to feed a few families!!

Here is the finished product!  It was delicious and really easy and fast to make.  The boys loved it and so do I.  I served this with tater tots as per the boy's request but I would have liked this with some Spanish rice or something like that.

I couldn't find a link on facebook to post on here otherwise I would have done so.  A friend shared it and it had been shared so many times that there was no finding out the original post.

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Edda Soffía said...

Vá hvað ég ætla að prófa þetta á morgun.
Bloggið lítur vel út, flottur þessi bar uppi
Love u mamma